FriendCaller-to-FriendCaller Calls are always FREE!
Make Free Voice and Video Calls within the FriendCaller network or inexpensive calls to landlines and mobile phones at incredibly cheap rates.

Free Voice and Video Group Calls
Talk to your friends for free as long as they are connected to the Internet. We only charge for calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers. Our calling rates are economical and our billing is straightforward. We charge per minute, and there are no additional hidden connection charges. Find the exact cost per minute by clicking the i (info) button located next to the dialer.

No Minimum Monthly Revenue Or Subscription Charges
No additional connection, roaming charges or call start-up fee. Call costs are incurred only for calls to landlines or mobile phones.

Easy Way to Purchase Call Credits
Call credits only need to be purchased when calling phone numbers. You can buy call credits online with your Credit card or in-App purchase (for iOS users).

Earn Free Credits For Free Phone Calls
Visit our Offer Wall on your iPhone or Android. To get Free call credits, watch a short video or download free apps. Use free credit to make PSTN calls or send texts/SMS!